2010 Productions

The Hallie Flanagan Project II

Friday, May 14th 3pm
Hallie Flanagan Studio Theatre
Smith College

The Hallie Flanagan Project

2009 Productions

A Little Time

an act of the living
by Jane Jones
directed by Maureen Boman, starring Nora Mally

My Dad Was My Hero by Lisa Flora Meyers
directed by Nora Mally, starring Meredith Mitchell

No Child Left: The Living Obituary
by Kendra Arimoto
directed by Abbie Chase, starring Nora Mally, Meredith Mitchell, and Maureen Boman

Guest Lecture by Nora Mally
directed by Meredith Mitchell, starring Maureen Boman

March 1st, 2010 7pm
Hallie Flanagan Studio Theatre
Smith College
produced by Nikki Beck

An evening of monologues inspired by the life and works of Hallie Flanagan Davis.
Stage Management by Hana Kadoyama
Lighting by RB Axtell

Illustration by Maureen Boman, Poster design by Nikki Beck

Written by Nora Mally, directed by Nikki Beck

July 16-19 @ Impact Theatre

Thin Man Theatre's first production.

“A Little Time” is a magical realist play about the difficulties and absurdities of falling and staying in love. The characters go on a wild ride, through bars, hospitals, and lunar eclipses to find out with whom they're fated to be matched, or mismatched. In two fantastical nights six people will learn more about love and themselves than they could have ever imagined.

Joshua Sternin-Moser as Ted
Cindy Im as Martha
Alex Frankel as Denise
Will Chen as Denis
Rebecca Mills as Malory
David Roberts as Edward

Designed by: Colin Trevor (sound), Shay Henley (set), Sam Kimbrel (lighting), and Elisa Saether (costumes).
Stage Management by: Nora Mally

Poster design by Anna Haglin, Illustration by Gus Beck